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Here’s How to Hack Someone’s Phone Without Touching it

Hack Someones Phone

Before we begin, we want to let our readers know that this article is for educational purposes. TechDipper stands for Privacy and we no way endorses or supports hacking someone’s phone without consent.

Everyone has at least thought about hacking into someone’s phone once in their lifetime. Regardless of the motivation behind it, hacking someone’s phone sounds exciting. If you’re curious about how to block apps on Android or iPhone, check out this post. Well, in this article, we’ll list down the most effective ways to do that.

How to Hack Someone’s Phone Remotely?

There can be several instances where you might want to hack someone’s phone. If you want to make sure your child isn’t being bullied on social media or your teen kids are not sharing inappropriate stuff with their friends, the best way to do it is to hack their phone.

Hack Someone's Phone

Likewise, if you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, there can’t be any better way than hacking their phone to confirm this unless can can’t ask them directly. In case you’re wondering how to hack someone’s phone without touching it, we’ve done all the research for you! We did some digging and handpicked the best options that are out there. After trying these out ourselves, here is what we have to say about each of them.


1. Hire a Hacker

If you are wondering how to hack someone’s phone remotely, hiring a hacker is the answer you’re looking for. It may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi film, but this is the most straightforward option. Letting the professionals do their job. However, it also has its ups and downs.

  • The upside is the ease with which the operation can be executed.
  • Also, a hacker knows what he is doing and would most likely get the job done.
  • The downside is the difficulty of finding a hacker, let alone the one that fits your needs.
  • Also, hackers can cost you a lot.

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2. Use Phishing

Phishing is one of the oldest and popular means of hacking. However, if you are hearing about it for the first time, it might not be an option for you.

  • The pro includes its free-of-cost execution and no additional software requirement.
  • The con, however, is the issue mentioned earlier – it requires some level of familiarity with the processes involved in hacking and a more than average understanding of computers.

3. Install Spy Apps

Hack Someone's Phone

Installing a spy app to hack someone’s phone is the best option, in our opinion. There are many spying apps available on the market, with each having its own set of features. While some may give you access to a limited set of features, others may allow you to spy on everything your target does on their phone.

Selecting The Right App

Still wondering, “Is there a way to hack someone’s phone?” We think we have convinced you that using spy apps is the best solution for hacking someone’s phone.

But with the plethora of spy apps around, it becomes cumbersome to find the most effective one. Right? Well, the good news is that we have already created a list of features that a spy app should have. These features would make your selection really easy.

  1. 24/7 omnichannel customer support to help customers out at every step of usage.
  2. Clear policies and procedures to avoid any inconvenience.
  3. Secure payment to make sure users don’t lose their money.
  4. Up to date website to guarantee that customers get relevant information.
  5. Compatibility with multiple devices and platforms to provide real value for money.
  6. User-friendly interface to guarantee quick access to all the features.

Now that you know how to hack a phone without touching it and you know what to look for in a spy app, let’s now present you with the best option.

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Read Text Messages of Another Person with mSpy

mSpy: The Best Spy App on the Market? 

After going through the above list, it is natural to feel disheartened. You might even think that it’s impossible to find an app that has all the above-mentioned qualities. However, that’s not the case! We have already picked out an app that ticks all of these boxes.

Hack Someone's Phone

mSpy provides not only the best-in-class services but does it effortlessly. It has proven to be a highly effective and trustworthy app. This app has it all from the friendly user interface to clear policies and secure payment options to 24/7 customer support. It has been tried and tested.

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mSpy is so easy to use. Once you lay your hands on it, you’ll yourself figure out how to hack into someone’s phone. The app allows you to spy on your target phone in a stealth manner. You can monitor the entire phone activity of whoever you want for as long as you like. It allows you to monitor all social media apps, texts messages, call logs, and even locations.

Once installed, the app silently works in the background to make sure your target never becomes aware of it. You can also get a 7-day free trial to check and confirm the effectiveness of the app.


With the world increasingly shifting towards the digital age and with people relying more and more on their phones, it is only natural to desire to hack into someone’s phone. Sometimes, you’re forced to do so to protect your loved ones or your business.