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Google Launches PhotoScan App To Digitize Old Printed Photos

Google Photoscan App

There was a time when digital photography wasn’t a thing. We were into printed photo and these photographs that we captured has very precious memories of our lifetime. It’s not easy to digitize a pile of old memories, which has taken up most of the drawer space.

What if you want to throwback a photo of yourself when you were eight? You take out your smartphone, click a photo and upload it with the glare (as it’s not easy to remove). So, to help you from these situations, Google has introduced a new PhotoScan app for Android and iOS.

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How Does It Work?

PhotoScan AppPhotoScan is a dedicated app to capture old photos what are in printed form. According to Google, the app uses ‘computational photography’, like HDR, Panorama and so on. PhotoScan basically captures the subject in different angles to result in one whole picture with minimal errors in terms of color, contrast, and alignment.

How To Use It?

The video by Google (Nat and Lo) explains everything behind this app.

As the printed photo is shot from four different angles, PhotoScan breaks the photo into smaller blocks, which then aligns the blocks together, after the alignment the app identifies glare and removes it, this all happens in a matter of five processing seconds.

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PhotoScan App

This is one simple (problem solving) app which helps you to digitize all your favorite memories from the past. This app will make your throwback process easier than ever before. However, lack of certain features, like editing and sharing tools, backs it to become a perfect solution. Well, we can expect this features in the upcoming updates.