Android P Will Prevent Apps From Hijacking Your Camera [Updated]

Android P

The threat of someone hijacking your phone’s camera to spy on you is a concern, especially when privacy is at stake. So, Google has determined the issue, as folks at XDA discovered code submissions shows that Android P should prevent idle apps from using both the camera and microphone.

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Android P Stops Apps From Hijacking Your Camera

If an inactive program tries to use the camera, Android P should shut it off and give you an error message. Coming to the microphone, it’s slightly different: it will allow recording but report empty data until the app is active.

Android P

IMG: xda-developers

Malware wouldn’t get away with recording in the background, but legitimate apps like a voice chat client, which stays active shouldn’t have an issue with it. Google hasn’t even announced Andriod P, so it could be a while before you hear about these measures in any formal capacity.

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This is done clearly to protect users from privacy creeps and spies. Addition of this feature will enable user’s protection and malware apps cannot trick users into installing an app that records without permission. Stay tuned.


As spotted by XDA Developers, it looks like Android P will also block idle background apps from accessing the microphone. Needless to say, the possibility of an app recording users without their knowledge (granted permission) is a threat or say violation of privacy. There are some situations where you want an app to record audio in the background, there will be some way to allow this too.


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