Google app has got a new feature in its app’s latest beta update. The version 7.21 of the Google app on Android adds a pretty nifty functionality of editing and sharing screenshots directly from the app, right after taking them.

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Built-In Screenshot On Google App Beta

Google is close to rolling out a built-in screenshot-editing tool that you can try it out as a beta tester. If you join the beta program and download version 7.21, under settings > Accounts & Privacy, you will find an option that says “Edit and share screenshots”.

Google App
IMG: Engadget

After toggling it on, you will see a panel pop up from the bottom of the page whenever you take screenshots anywhere you are within the Google app. This feature allows you to perform certain actions including cropping, scribbling, doodling and sharing the images.

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This feature will of course work across all parts of the app including search, feed and even on web pages visited through Chrome’s custom tab within the app. It is worth noting that, this feature will work on any Android skin, but having stock Android makes the process of taking and sharing screenshots just a bit faster.


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