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Gboard Gets Incognito Mode But Only In Chrome Dev; Android O Feature

Gboard Gets Incognito Mode

Google Chrome’s incognito mode is meant to make suspicious browsing history invisible. Although Google hasn’t made incognito mode on Android keyboard, the latter Chrome Dev browser running Android 8.0 won’t remember what you have typed.

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Gboard Gets Incognito Mode In Chrome Dev

In earlier versions of Android and Chrome app (regular), Google did suggested words based on what you have typed. Well, the incognito graphic currrently pops up only on Android 8.0 O in Chrome Dev incognito tab. There are no Gboard settings, despite an incognito mode option.

Gboard Gets Incognito ModeIt is pretty clear that this feature hasn’t yet been finalized, as it is still in developer preview and only showing up in Chrome Dev. We will se more on this as we appraoch near the Android 8.0 O launch. Stay tuned, as we will cover more on this.

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