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Google Search App Gets Quick Shortcuts For Restaurants, Flights & More

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Google Search app has been improvising the personalized user experience and with that, Google has added quick shortcuts for popular tools, the point of interest and more into their search app on both Android and iOS.

Additional shortcuts like translate, nearby attractions, flight, hotels, internet speed test (which is amazing), currency converter and more are only available for Android users yet. These shortcuts can be found below the search bar.

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Google Search App Quick Shortcuts

Till now, Google showcased news headline, weather and sports scores in one feed, which was also relevant to your interest. However, with the new/latest update, users will be able to see individual topics to browse, which will be an entire feed of information related specifically to subject.

In addition to that Google has also added dedicated entertainment shortcut that shows movies playing in the nearest theater in the weekends. You can tap into news, trailers, and reviews that are relevant to you or swipe through the listings to catch up on your favorite TV series/show. The feature is being rolled out in the US and there is no word on when these features will be available globally.

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