10 Best Android Apps For June 2020 That You Must Try

Best Android Apps of June 2020

Searching for unique and innovative apps could be challenging, especially when there’s an ocean of apps out there. There are numerous apps in a category, and you may get confused about which one’s better. So, we bring you the best android apps for June 2020 that you must try to make the most out of your Android phone.


Best Android Apps For June 2020

1. Wavelet

Wavelet is an app that every music listener should have. The app offers a minimalistic yet straightforward interface. It comes with presets for literally every earphone, even for IEMs from China, like the Blon BL-03, which is fantastic.

Wavelet - "Top 10 Best Android Apps for June 2020"

The presets work very well with the earphones. If you don’t like the current preset, you can tinker it according to your liking. You can also limit the audio and change stuff like Post-gain and Threshold; However, we suggest you stick to defaults unless you know what you’re doing.

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Moreover, you also get to balance the audio via the channel Balance, which is an excellent addition to the app. There’s also a paid version of the app for $6.7 (Rs.420), which enables Bass booster, Reverberation, Virtualizer, and Bass Tuner. Overall, it is one of the best android apps for tuning your music on the go.


2. SD Maid

There are a lot of file cleaning apps on the Google Play Store, which claim they ‘Clean’ junk and make your phone faster, which they don’t. The irony is, they consume RAM and leave less space for your apps to breathe. The developers of SD Maid talk less and do more.

SD Maid - "Top 10 Best Android Apps for June 2020"

The interface of the app is easy to use and very well done. SD Maid can find and delete the junk files, see the running apps (export as .apk, stop, and delete the apps), Find hidden corpses that are not easy to find, clean the System and it’s Cache, and see an overview of your entire file system.

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You can also purchase the Pro version, which costs just $0.4 (Rs.25), which includes an app cleaner and can remove duplicate images and files. It is a pretty clean and useful application that does what it intends to do and is one of the best Android Apps on this list.


3. Beta Maniac

Trying to get into the beta of your favorite app, and it’s full? Beta Maniac is the way to get in. It scans your apps in the background and lets you know when there is space in the beta program. You may also find out about beta programs you never knew about.

Beta Maniac - "Top 10 Best Android Apps for June 2020"

The interface of the app is very well done. The app was ad-free until the developer decided to add some. The free version of the app is still usable; however, you can pay $1.2 (Rs.90) if you don’t want to see ads.


4. Whale Papers

As the name suggests, Whale Papers is a wallpaper app that takes minimalism to another level. The UI is simple and easy to use, and there’s an extensive collection of minimal wallpapers that you’ll fall in love with instantly.

Whale Papers - "Top 10 Best Android Apps for June 2020"

There are a lot of categories like Material, Pattern, Illustration, AMOLED, Gradient, etc. You can apply and favorite the wallpapers you like, and the app doesn’t have any ads. Overall, it is one of the best Android apps for June 2020 if you want to step up your Android phone customization game.


5. Firefox Send

Are you searching for an app to share files with distant people? Firefox Send could be the end of your search. All you need to do is download the Android app from Google Play Store, Sign in/ Create a Firefox Account, upload the file you want to share, and share the link to the person you want to send the file to.

Firefox Send - "Top 10 Best Android Apps for June 2020"

Firefox Send ensures that your file(s) does not fall into the wrong hands by encrypting them. The maximum file size that you can share is 2.5GB, which, we believe, will be sufficient for most of the users.

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Besides, you can also set the number of downloads and duration of availability of a file, which is excellent. Besides that, you can also upload multiple files that will be zipped and shared in a single link.


6. Split Cloud

Split Cloud allows you to listen to two different music at the same time so you can share your earbud with your friend. The app’s UI has two music players, one on the top and another one at the bottom.

Split Cloud - "Top 10 Best Android Apps for June 2020"

The bottom music player will play tracks on your right earbud, and the top player will play music on your left earbud. The songs can be played from SoundCloud, and you’ll rarely not find the song you’re looking for, a downside for some. The app is available for free on the Play Store, making it one of the best Android apps for June 2020.


7. Automatic Dark Theme

Tired of switching between Light and Dark themes? Automatic Dark Theme is an app that can change your devices’ theme based on the time of the day. All you need to do is download the app, grant permission via ADB, which is reasonably simple if you follow the on-screen instructions when you open the app for the first time and set the time you want the dark/light themes to be enabled.

Automatic Dark Theme Android - "Best Android Apps for June 2020"

There’s no much to talk about the interface of the app, but the app works flawlessly. You can also select wallpapers that change according to the theme which we see most of the users using. Overall, it is a great app and deserves to be on this list of top Android apps for June 2020.


8. Abbey Music Player

A top 10 app list will be empty without a great Music player. Abbey is a great music player with a minimal interface and a lot of customization options like changing the app theme, the appearance of the music player, thumbnails, thumbnail on the lock screen, etc.

Abbey Music Player - "Top 10 Best Android Apps for June 2020"

It is not that heavily customizable than other music players out there but is decent enough to replace the music player that came preloaded on your phone. Do give it a shot if you want to replace the native built-in music player.


9. Rave

Tired of the COVID-19 pandemic and want to Watch movies and TV shows together with friends? Rave is for you. With Rave, you can play videos from a variety of platforms. All you and your friends need to do is install the app, sign in, then you can search for your friend by typing out his username and connect.

Rave - "Top 10 Best Android Apps for June 2020"

As of now, Rave supports streaming content from Youtube, Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit, Tubi, Google Drive, and even website if you have a link. Once everyone joins the party, the video will be synced up, and you can chat with one another. If you don’t have friends, you can watch videos with strangers. Overall, it is one of the most beautiful looking apps on this list of best Android apps for June 2020.


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10. Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light has to be the most fun game we ever played. It runs smoothly, the player base is friendly, the graphics are gorgeous, and the story is complicated but easy to understand.

Sky - "Top 10 Best Android Apps for June 2020"

New seasons are often, as well as traveling spirits that visit so you can get cosmetics from seasons you missed or weren’t there for. Overall it is a fantastic game and brings a unique experience. It is memorable in every way, which makes it one of the best Android apps for 2020.


Let us know in the comments section below if there is an app that deserves a place on this list. Also, check out our 10 best Android apps that you must try [May 2020] article to discover some more incredible apps.