10 Best Android Apps Worth Checking Out [May 2020]

10 Best Android Apps of May 2020

There’s no denying the fact that Android is an immensely popular OS with its app store, Google Play Store, possessing around 2.57 million applications. Apps come in a lot of shapes and sizes; also, there are numerous apps across different categories, and you may get confused about which one’s better. Therefore, we have compiled a list of best Android apps for May 2020, that you’ve probably never heard about.

Best Android Apps For May 2020

1. Vivaldi Browser

Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, the former CEO of Opera, started a community website which then became the browser. For starters, Opera is also a freeware web browser accused of stealing data in the past.

Vivaldi - "10 Best Android Apps Worth Checking Out [May 2020]"So, what makes Vivaldi different? Well, there are a lot of things. Firstly the UI is refreshing to use and is highly customizable. Another feature that we believe most of the web browsers need to have is built-in AD and Tracker blocking, which can only be found on the Brave browser and Opera as of now.

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There are a lot of nifty features like Notes (to take down notes while browsing), shortcuts, screenshot feature, dark mode, etc. Our take? We wouldn’t entirely trust Vivaldi, but it’s worth giving a try.


2. Snap Search

With a size of approximately 4MB, Snap Search is the lightest application on this list. It is a “secure” and “Incognito” browser, which has a lot of features built-in. The UI of the app is good. It has an in-built VPN, and we don’t know how “secure” it is. Know more about what VPN is and why you must use it?.

Snap Search - "10 Best Android Apps Worth Checking Out [May 2020]"

Some of the other features include reading mode, which renders the web pages easy to read text-only layouts, dark mode switch, which is excellent, in-built AD blocker, and a picture in picture mode which could come in handy.

Snap Search

There’s also a ‘news’ tab as you scroll down, which is filled with articles which no one cares about, and you will be prompted to buy the premium version if you want to change the news category or disable.

Your browsing history will be deleted once you exit the app. After what’s happening to the users who’re using the Mi browser, we need to take a step backward and be careful as we don’t know how ‘secure’ these browsers are even though they have bold claims.


3. LitWallz

LitWallz has to be one of the most underrated wallpapers apps on the Play Store. With material design and slick colors, the UI of this app is from out of this world. There are a lot of categories like abstract, AMOLED, Live Wallpapers, Anime, Beaches, Bikes, Cartoons, Cars, etc. The wallpapers are of high resolution.

Litwallz - "10 Best Android Apps Worth Checking Out [May 2020]"There is also a Pro version that you can buy for Rs. 40 ($0.53 approx) which unlocks premium wallpapers that we never found inside the app, and, no ADs. The ads are minimal and we did see obscene Ads sometimes which we believe is Google’s fault. Overall, it is one of the best Android apps on this list.


4. Apps Free

Can’t spend money to buy apps and games from the Google Play Store? Apps Free could be your best friend. As the name suggests, Apps Free searches for apps that are on sale on Play Store and list them in a simple, clean looking interface. The app has ads, but not a lot of them.

Apps free - "10 Best Android Apps Worth Checking Out [May 2020]"You can also filter apps from a broad range of categories. All you need to do to download an app is click on the app icon in Apps Free, and you’ll be taken to the page of the app on Google Play Store.


5. Mubert

Mubert is an AI music streaming app whose minimalism will blow you away. Unlike any other music streaming application which streams music from a database, Mubert uses AI to generate music based on mood, genre, and activities.Mubert - "10 Best Android Apps Worth Checking Out [May 2020]"The player and the interface is outstandingly done and sometimes makes us question the free price tag. Now, of course, it’s not entirely free, but you can live without the pro version and save Rs.99 per month.


6. SpotyTube

SpotyTube is also a music streaming app done right. It collates Top, Trending, and Viral Music charts in one place, all from reliable Music sources like Spotify, Billboard, and YouTube. You can also import playlists from Spotify and save it in this app, and your music will always stay synced to the cloud after you create an account.

Spoty Tube - "10 Best Android Apps Worth Checking Out [May 2020]"We were surprised to see this app’s existence on the Play Store due to the internal playlist thumbnails that are taken from Spotify. You can choose to stream music from a lot of countries, play music of your favorite artist, choose your favorite genre, and save your music to listen later. Overall, with all these beautiful features, this has to be one of the best Android apps on this list.


7. Volume Styles

The only thing because of which the majority of users choose Android over iOS is the number of immaculate customization options. Volume Styles is yet another way of converting the same bland volume sliders on Android to a variety of styles that other OEMs offer.

Volume Styles - "10 Best Android Apps Worth Checking Out [May 2020]"Do you like the volume slider of iOS more? You can change it by installing Volume Styles and selecting the iOS slider. All you need to do is enable a couple of permissions, and you’re good to go.


8. Castro

Castro is an information utility for Android devices. It monitors hardware and software state of devices in real-time and presents all the data cleanly and accurately.

Castro - ""10 Best Android Apps Worth Checking Out [May 2020]Apart from that, the interface is what makes this app stand out when compared to apps like CPU-Z and Device Info HW. It can show you

• Detailed processor statistics (CPU and GPU)
• Battery monitoring
• RAM and Storage consumption
• Data usage via Wi-Fi and mobile networks
• Real-time sensors data
• Detailed information about Cameras of the device
• Full list of available codecs
• DRM and Bluetooth info

Castro also provides tools to test the hardware of your device, which makes it one of the best Android Apps on this list.


9. Cometin

Too scared to install a custom ROM on your phone? Cometin has got you covered. The app has 12 modules as of writing this article, all of which work very well. However, we did notice a significant battery drain while installing and using the modules.

Cometin - "10 Best Android Apps Worth Checking Out [May 2020]"While playing around with the app, we also encountered crashes and glitches, after which the modules were still working. Cometin is an excellent option if you want to stay away from the hassle of installing or switching ROMs, installing Magisk, and encountering boot loops. The app doesn’t have a lot of modules, but it’s definitely worth giving a shot.


10. Blokada Slim

Blokada Slim Adblock is a free app that uses DNS (Domain Name System) servers to enable you to have an ad-free browsing experience to see only the content you want. There is also a built-in VPN that we wouldn’t recommend you to use.

Blokada Slim - "10 Best Android Apps Worth Checking Out [May 2020]"

The benefit of using DNS is, it routes your connection through different locations so that your ISP or the government cannot track your web activity.

The app doesn’t require any root permissions, blocks adult ads on websites, Blocks sites that distribute malicious content, viruses, and fraudulent websites, and saves your battery and data plan. You can choose from a list of DNS servers, and it will connect you to them. Know more about what DNS is and why you should be using it?

While we spent time with the app, we can say that the claim that the app saves your battery is false as we noticed the battery running out faster. As of now, it is one of the best Android apps for blocking ads, available on the Play Store.


Let us know in the comments section below if any other apps deserve to be on this list. Do share it with your friends and family member so that they can take advantage of this free software. Also, check out our 10 Best Android Apps That You Must Try [April 2020] article to discover some more incredible apps.