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PlayStation 5 VS Xbox Series X: Here’s Why You Should Be Excited?

PlayStation 5 VS Xbox Series X 1

Sony and Microsoft are all set to go head-to-head once again after a long time. They each have new consoles launches at the end of 2020. Both companies have remained contenders of the modern gaming era with Nintendo in third place. We have already seen many rumors and renders of both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, and it looks like the embargo will be lifted soon.

PlayStation 5 VS Xbox Series X: Craftsmanship

Every console of Sony had a simple design language, but things are looking different this time. Representations of the PS5 were included in an official Sony patent application, and several artists created excellent renders of the machine, which is what we saw on social media.

A Dutch website named LetsGoDigital’s render was the best yet, based on the render and a leaked photo of the actual device. This render could be a great sign of what awaits future gamers.

Playstation 5 Design - Play Station 5 VS Xbox Series X: Here's Why You Should Be Excited

We do believe that the above design couldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea but, by looking at it, we assume that its shape is for a good reason as it could help the air flow freely to ensure the powerful CPU and GPU get enough cooling.

Xbox Series X Design- "Play Station 5 VS Xbox Series X: Here's Why You Should Be Excited"

Microsoft has got a different design language this time around. The Xbox Series X looks boxy and looks more like a PC than a gaming console. The boxy design could mean more ventilation holes and excellent cooling.

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PlayStation 5 VS Xbox Series X: Hardware

Xbox’s hardware details were revealed first. Microsoft claims that it will be four times more powerful than Xbox One X. Both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will rock eight-core Zen 2 processors clocked at 3.8GHz and 2.5GHz, respectively.

PlayStation 5 VS Xbox Series X

Both the consoles will sport 16GB GDDR6 RAM and RDNA 2 Graphics. The Xbox Series X has a slight advantage with 12 TFLOPS across 52CUs compared to 10.28 TFLOPS across 36 CUs on the PlayStation 5.

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Both the consoles will support gaming at 120fps. Microsoft and Sony also claim the consoles can reach 8k resolution, which, we assume, will take time. Both the consoles will be able to achieve 4K 60fps for ultra-smooth gaming and amazing graphics. Support for ray-tracing will also be included.

PlayStation 5 VS Xbox Series X: Storage

As the era has shifted its focus on SSDs, both the consoles will sport Solid State Drives to speed up loading times of games. Recent reports have confirmed that the PS5 will have an 825GB custom SSD. Emphasis on “Custom” will be capable of processing 5.5GB/s of data.

PlayStation 5 VS Xbox Series X

Xbox’s engineers are also claiming that the 1TB SSD on Series X will be pivotal for gaming, literally. They also said that SSDs could also be used as virtual RAM, which can significantly speed up read and writes during games. This means that gamers are not going to face even the slightest stutters in games.

Both consoles will have room for expansion, through USB hard drives and SSDs. PlayStation will support NVMe SSDs to be used in an expansion slot.

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Evolution In Cloud Gaming Coming Up?

This could be the major differentiating factor in both the consoles. While not yet confirmed, we assume that the Xbox Series X will come equipped with Microsoft’s upcoming cloud gaming platform called Project XCloud.

cloud gaming - "Play Station 5 VS Xbox Series X: Here's Why You Should Be Excited"

The PS5, as you would’ve guessed, will support PS Now, that is already available for PlayStation 4. On paper, Microsoft’s XCcloud looks more feature-rich. Sony has stated that it will be spending time and money to make PlayStation Now a better platform in the future.

PlayStation 5 VS Xbox Series X: Backward Compatability

PlayStation 5 VS Xbox Series X

Both the consoles are said to be backward compatible but in different ways. Microsoft claims that all older Xbox One games will work on Xbox Series X. Whereas, Sony is handling PS4 backward compatibility differently. It is only currently committed to “Top 100 PS4 games” being playable on PlayStation 5.

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PlayStation 5 VS Xbox Series X: Release Dates And Pricing

Both the consoles will be launching in the “Holiday 2020” season. By seeing how the previous iterations of PlayStation had a steady increase in prices, we assume that the console will cost $70-$130 more than PlayStation 4 Pro, which, if you ask, is still an affordable price considering how beefy the console is going to be. The same goes for Xbox Series X. Anyway, let us know which one will you buy in the comments section below.


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