Google Recorder

Google revealed its new Recorder app with AI capabilities alongside with Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones. Google confirmed that the Recorder app was exclusive to the Pixel 4 Series, but eventually, it will be rolled out to older Pixel smartphones.

Google Recorder
Google’s response was posted to Reddit on October 31, 2019, at 10:48 AM PT.

Nevertheless, tech-heads have side-loaded the recorder app APK, so did we, and surprisingly enough, they found the app on non-Pixel smartphones.

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Google Recorder With Auto-Transcription

The Google Recorder app, unlike a normal voice recorder, comes with some nifty feature. It comes with features like Auto transcription, Audio search, and even works offline too.

  • Auto-transcription: As it sounds, this feature transcribes your speech so that you can find what you need later.
  • Audio search: This feature helps you find words, music, and sounds.

How Does Google Recorder Work?

No complication, all you got to do is just Tap Record to start recording your speech and you can find your speech auto-transcribed in real-time in the dedicated ‘Transcript’ section found next to the ‘Audio’ tab.

Google Recorder

In addition to that, you can add title, location to save your recordings as well as use the transcript feature to the transcript your voice recording which can be shared, saved to Google Drive, and can be deleted too. Not just that, using the Audio search feature, you can search for words, phrases, or sounds, like music or applause and can find the exact time the word was spoken, or sound occurred.

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Mind you, as of now, Google Recorder app only supports English transcriptions and more languages will be added soon (confirmed by Google). Moreover, this app allows you to choose different themes like Light, Dark or adapt with the System Default theme.

How To Install Google Recorder On Any Android Device

Google Recorder

  • Download and Install the Google Recorder APK. [LINK HERE]. Just in case, you couldn’t install the APK, check whether unknown sources enabled on your Android device. 
  • That’s it! You’re done.

We tested out (and the link provided is of) Google Recorder v1.0.271580629 APK on Pixel 2. All the features including auto-transcription and audio search work without any crash. However, the newer version does crash.


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