Google is experimenting a new interface for its Google phone dialer, which hasn’t received any major upgrades since Android Lollipop. Google is planning to keep the features and functionalities of the dialer app similar to the old versions and just tweak the interface.

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Google Phone: What’s New?

Google Phone

The new interface will have the exact same tabs that the dialer earlier had. This time around, Google has decided to move these tabs to the bottom side of the dialer application and even include the text labels on these tabs. There four tabs include Speed Dial, Call History, Contacts, and the new Voicemail each one aligned next to each other.

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How To Access It?

Google is experimenting this so as to increase the reachability and make a single-hand operation more accessible. XDA has detailed instructions on how to access the new user interface. Well, for enabling the new UI you need the latest version of google dialer, a rooted smartphone, a root enabled file-explorer and a basic text editor.

Here is how;

  • Open the folder: /data/data/
  • Open the dialer_phenotype_flags.xml file with the text editor
  • Look for the option called nui and set the value from false (default) to true
  • Save and close
  • Force the Google Phone app to stop from Settings > Apps
  • Relaunch the app and add a new link to the Home using the menu of the three vertical dots on the top right (near the microphone icon).

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It is worth noting, that the dialer application is available only for Pixel and Nexus devices and if you wish to install it you can rely on Magisk Module.


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