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Here’s How To Make Google Duo Video Call Using Google Assistant

Google Assistant 2

Google Assistant has offered dozens of improvements and numerous new features have been added to it since its launch in October 2016. Google Duplex is possibly the most revolutionary among these. That said, today Google today added the ability to make a video call on Google Duo using Google Assistant.

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Video Call On Google Duo, Thanks Google Assistant

Using Google Assistant on your phone, you can now say “video call contact name“. The Assistant will then reply, saying it’s making a video call on Duo. It is worth noting that you should have Google Duo installed on your smartphone else Google Assistant will rely on Hangouts to perform the necessary action.

Google Duo

Furthermore, if you and the person you’re calling both have a carrier video-call feature, the call will automatically use the carrier’s video service. If you don’t find an option to do this don’t panic as this new feature is still rolling out and everyone can soon access this.

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Google Duo: An Impressive Video-Calling App

Google Duo is a powerful and reliable video calling application that can sustain itself even on low-speed internet connections. That said, Duo also offers better quality as compared to WhatsApp and IMO video calls. Moreover, Duo has more than 500 million downloads.

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The supporting documentation for Google Assistant was recently changed to mention video calls. So we can now conceive that the ability to make video calls through Google Assistant is a new feature.

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