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WhatsApp May Introduce Forwarding Restriction To Prevent Misinformation

WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp is taking some strict steps against misleading and fake news that is continuously being forwarded on the messaging and communication platform. Well, one of the most helpful messaging feature i.e. forwarding messages that was introduced in 2016 may soon get some restrictions. So here’s everything you need to know about the forwarding restriction.

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Forwarding Restriction: The Issue

Fake news has become a serious problem and few have already seen instances going out of control. Well, to tackle all this, WhatsApp added the forwarded message’s label. This did help to some extent but was not the ultimate solution to curb fake news. Hence, WhatsApp is now limiting users to forward a maximum of 5 messages only in a day. That said, the feature is still in its testing stage.

Forwarding Restriction

WhatsApp was designed to be a personal messaging application and not to be a platform that spreads Fake News. Furthermore, WhatsApp never prioritized Groups to be its main feature. We do have alternatives like Telegram that offer an impressive group experience. This new test includes all sort of messages including photos, videos, and documents.

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This flimsy effort of WhatsApp is limited by its platform’s strength; since all conversations are encrypted, moreover the service itself can’t monitor message content or track keywords. WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook, on the other hand, scans and analyzes public post for suspicious text and activity is technically more efficient. Overall, the new forwarding restriction has both pros and cons.

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