Google’s New Move Mirror AI Redefines Your Pose With Other Photos On The Internet

Move Mirror AI

Google has been experimenting with AI for a long time now, in turn adding ways to show off its advanced machine learning capabilities. This show off also brings in data to further continue its research. Well, one such similar fun-loving AI got out; Move Mirror AI.

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Google’s New Move Mirror AI

This AI watches your move through your computer’s webcam (with permission) and uses AI trickery to match your pose against a database of tens of thousands of photos. Well, this AI is using a machine learning model called Posenet, which recognizes the overall position of a human subject with different parts and joints.

Your position is then analyzed in real time and then compared to a set of 80,000 photos in the database. The outcome of this shows the closest match to each of your positions and strings them together to make a GIF, which you can post to amaze people.

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Fun experiments like this are easy to get people involved and as this is a machine learning process the data generated from this are highly valuable. Well, if you want to try, head over to Move Mirror experiment page and check out for yourself.


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