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5 Cool Website You Must Checkout In 2018!

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Browsing the internet is one of the most important tasks that we do on our smartphones and PC. Furthermore, the easiest way of gathering information is through the internet. So as to take your browsing experience to a new horizon here are five helpful websites that you should try.

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1. VirusTotal


VirusTotal is a helpful website that allows users to scan any file, folder or even links for any unwanted virus threats. You can upload any file and URL. Furthermore, VirusTotal uses more than seventy antivirus software to scan your files and URL. Lastly, the website loads up quickly and scans your content fastly.

2. 10 Minute Mail


10 Minute Mail helps users in creating a temporary email address that lasts for just ten minutes. This can be helpful in many instances. If you are not confirmed whether the website is genuine or not you can signup with a temporary email address. 10-minute mail also helps users when you need to use a service only for a few minutes and don’t want spam emails in your inbox.

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3. MathWay


Mathway can solve any mathematical problem including simple algebra, graphing, calculus, and much more. The website work as a messaging service. A user enters his mathematical problem through a special keyboard on the website and gets the results within few seconds. No matter if your late finishing your homework or stuck with a problem simply ask MathWay.

4. Pixlr


Pixlr can be considered as a web version of photoshop. You get all the basic and advanced features with a UI similar to photoshop. Pixlr also provides free vector editor, free fonts, and free graphics editor. You can download these programs or use them online. For fast and quick edits Pixlr is a good option, it eliminates the need for opening and working in photoshop for basic work.

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5. PrintFriendly


The website does exactly as the name suggests, it makes any webpage or URL PrintFriendly. Furthermore, you can even use this service in the form of a browser extension. The website is fast and eliminates the need for copying and pasting content.

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