3 Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives!

    PUBG Mobile is possibly the most popular smartphone game of 2018. The major reason for the popularity of PUBG mobile is the similarity in the gameplay between PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC with an obvious reduction in graphics. Well, if you experience lag or gradual frame drops or simply don’t want to play PUBG anymore. Then there are three best alternatives to PUBG Mobile.

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    1.Rules Of Survival (Android, iOS)

    Rules of Survival in an impressive open world survival game with over 150 million active players worldwide. The game provides a decent amount of graphics and it takes some time to adjust with the controls. There are two large maps namely Ghillie Island (120 players, 4.8km×4.8km) and Fearless Fiord (300 players, 8km×8km).

    PUBG Mobile

    Furthermore, Rules of Survival offers exact same storyline or gameplay as PUBG Mobile. Players are dropped on an island. Players collect weapons, armors, and medical kits and can use vehicles as well. The player who survives until the end wins the game. Overall the game is one of the perfect alternative for PUBG Mobile.

    2.Free Fire(Android, iOS)

    Free Fire is an impressive survival and third-person shooting game. Since it is a PUBG Mobile alternative the ultimate goal of the game is to survive and stay alive. You can play in a solo mode or team up with your friend in a duo or even 4-man team mode. The game is 50 men battle-royale.

    PUBG Mobile

    The game provides diverse environments for players to explore and combat. You get access to dozens of weapons, armors and some weird mushrooms. The major highlight of the game is its small 300megabytes size. Furthermore, the game consumes very fewer resources as compared to other games.

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    3.Fortnite Mobile(iOS)

    The last game on the list is presently available only on ios, but will soon launch on Android. Fortnite is the game that competed with PUBG and gained more attention and players. The game works on a different strategy. Players collect material and built protections around themselves.

    PUBG Mobile

    The graphics of the game have a comical theme, but the game is very impressive. Well, the basic idea is still the same, the last man or duo surviving wins the game. Lastly, the game offers cross-platform support, meaning players on a mobile can compete with players on a PC.

    Do share any other PUBG Mobile alternative that you play, in the comments section below.



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