Here Why Google’s Project Treble Is The Bedrock Of Android P

Android P

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Google has showcased Android P’s features and also released its early beta for not only to its own Pixel smartphone, but (unexpectedly) also to seven other different phone manufacturing companies. Here is when Project Treble comes into the picture, here is how?

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Project Treble

Google has earlier partnered with Nexus manufacturers in the past and also released Developer Preview version of Android to some Sony phone. But giving access to seven new manufacturers is something new. Well, all these phones support the new Project Treble system, which in turn help the company to seamlessly push out software updates.

Project Treble 2

Img: Cnet

Which also means that by making phones with Android Oreo out of the box and Project Treble enabled, these companies can more easily make Android P run on their respective phones because the user-facing software is separate from the firmware underpinnings developed for Oreo.

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Project Treble, Google’s Bedrock!

Sony, Nokia, OnePlus, OPPO, Xiaomi, Essential and Vivo are all part of the beta program. Do note, all these companies sell tens of millions of phones a year and now that these companies have started working on making Android P work on its phones – about six months prior to the Android P release (with Pixel 3), it is pretty evident that they can push Android P earlier than ever.

Project Treble

Not only that, it will also set the development in motion for getting Android P to their entire lineups more efficient and faster (of course). Google has laid the bedrock for releasing new software update (or updates) on a far quicker time frame, apparently increasing the adaptability of a smartphone to Android P.


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