Google Will Ban Cryptocurrency Ads Starting This June

Cryptocurrency Ads 1

Cryptocurrency and its craze are on fire from the last couple of months. People are researching and investing more and more in cryptocurrency. Well, with everything good about cryptocurrency there’s definitely something bad about cryptocurrency.

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The major issue with cryptocurrency is scams and fraud products and services. There’s a risk associated with the crypto exchange as well. So here’s everything you need to know about what forced Google to ban cryptocurrency Ads.

Cryptocurrency Ads; What’s The Issue?

Even Though cryptocurrency is a secure and fast way to earn money without any legal troubles, it definitely has major risks. These risks are faced by new users who face issues such as initial coin offerings (ICOs), wallets, and trading advice. People end up wasting money rather than earning money.

Cryptocurrency Ads

The crucial source of these scams and frauds are the advertisements that force people to invest in cryptocurrency. These advertisements are mostly associated with google and facebook.

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What Google Did To Overcome The Issue?

Google decided to completely ban “any advertising about cryptocurrency-related content, including initial coin offerings (ICOs), wallets, and trading advice,” on its AdWords platform starting this June. This will prevent the majority of scams and fraud that people face. Even Facebook banned cryptocurrency ads in January.

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If you wish to invest in cryptocurrency then investing some time researching is always beneficial. Have you ever invested or planning to invest in cryptocurrency? Do let us know in the comments.


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