Google Shuts Down Chrome Apps Section On Mac And Windows

Chrome Web Store

Google announced that Chrome Apps would be removed from Windows, Mac and Linux version of Chrome (but not from Chrome OS), a year ago. This decision is taken because nobody really downloaded from their browser anymore. So, the time has come.

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Google Shuts Down Chrome Apps

In the last year’s blog post, Google said that approximately 1 percent of users on Windows, Mac, and Linux actively use Chrome packaged apps. Chrome Apps came in two varieties: “packages apps” and “hosted apps”.


Hosted Apps: Basically bookmarks, which allowed Chrome OS users a way to pin important web pages to certain parts of the UI.

Packaged Apps: This kind of apps could run in the background and can access hardware like USB ports. These are much powerful than the Hosted apps.

This definitely not the end of Chrome apps, as Google is working on a Progressive Web App (PWAs) to the desktop. This aims to bring a few app-like features to the websites, giving a full-screen interface and other offline capabilities. This kind of apps are already working on Chrome of Android, so, this could be a getaway.

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So, by early 2018, Chrome Apps already installed in Google’s browser will no longer function. However, Chrome OS users will still be able to access them. Well, users who are using Chrome to surf, will still able to download extensions and themes.

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