iOS 11.2 Beta Adds Support For Faster Wireless Charging On iPhone X And iPhone 8


Apple is rolling out iOS 11.2 beta with faster wireless charging support for the iPhone X and iPhone 8. Well, the MacRumors reported that the latest iOS 11.2 beta adds a support for the faster 7.5W charging.

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iOS 11.2 Beta Adds Faster Wireless Charing

Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 launched a few months ago and came with wireless charging support, but at the downside was it featured slowest Qi charging, which is pretty slow (5W) considering the smartphone market of 2017, but Apple assured that the faster 7.5W charging speed will be coming.

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The speculation was that we would have to wait until Apple comes out with its own AirPower mat, which was expected to release sometime in 2018, but things started to change. The Qi charger supports higher output, apparently making the 7.5W speed available for the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

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In addition to that, Apple has approved two charging pads from Belkin and Mophie. Although Apple hasn’t revealed much about the release, it will probably be out sometime coming weeks.

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