Google Adds Neural Network API In Android 8.1 Developer Preview

Neural Network API

Google rolled out a new developer preview of Android 8.1 Oreo and the main highlight is the new Neural Network API. This API will bring hardware-accelerated interface to the phone, which helps in executing machine learning models.

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Neural Network API In Android 8.1

This API will bring down the latency and load on the network while keeping the sensitive data on the device more safely. Apart from that, it will allow apps to do things (of its own) by learning from your habits. API can also make use of special AI chips on the device to enhance the experience.

Neural Network API 2

Google said that they designed the Neural Networks API as a “foundational layer” for frameworks like TensorFlow Lite, Caffe2 and others. This API will be live on Android 8.1. In addition to this, Google is also introducing some optimizations that should help developers target users of the lightweight version of Android.

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Few other additions will be memory optimizations for devices running less than 1GB of RAM, Autofill – password manager, some bug patches and security patches. The Android 8.1 isn’t coming to consumers until December, but if you’re a developer you can jump on to the beta now.

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