Google Chrome For Windows Gets Antivirus Feature; Update!

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is rolling out few basic antivirus features that apparently will help to prevent malicious and browser extensions changing your default settings. This feature will alert the user in case of any suspicious behavior.

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Google Chrome Update

Google will now detect if any browser settings have been changed without user’s consent and will offer to revert to the way things were before. You might already be faced few installers which ask you to change homepage or default search engine.

Google Chrome

Chrome will now have an Antivirus built-in, which will prompt users to remove any suspicious or harmful program from your PC and will alert you to uninstall the program. Google has worked with ESET to utilize its detection engine for this feature the program.

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This update might replace the Cleanup desktop feature which also has similar functionality. Well, this means that Chrome for Windows users will have a safer and cleaner browsing experience. The rollout with new features has already begun for Windows users.

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