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Futuristic Facebook AR Glasses Detailed In Oculus Patent Filing

Facebook AR Glasses 1

A patent application published on Thursday gave us a sneak peek of what Facebook is working on – Facebook AR Glasses, it was submitted by its subsidiary Oculus.

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Facebook AR Glasses

According to the published patent, the AR Glasses has near-eye display consists of a source assembly that project images via focused light through an optics assembly to a waveguide out display.

Facebook AR Glasses Facebook AR Glasses 1The waveguide display will use lasers, scanning mirrors and other elements have been developed by Facebook’s virtual reality arm Oculus VR, which could be used in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality or a combination of three.

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Facebook AR Glasses 2Working? well, the lasers will emit light onto the lens displays, which will transform into images and video that will be projected into the user’s eyes, according to the filing. This apparently gives out how future wearers can potentially look forward to viewing AR.

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