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Viber Adds Chat Extensions For YouTube, Spotify, & More Under One Roof

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Viber is one among the world’s leading messaging apps and an excellent alternative to other established messenger like Skype. In the latest update of the app; Viber adds chat extensions feature, letting you access service like YouTube, Spotify,, VICE Media, GIPHY, Guggy, and Getty Images all within Viber, never leave the conversation.

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Viber Adds Chat Extensions

The app adds YouTube chat extension, letting the user search, share and even play YouTUbe videos without leaving the conversation. In addition to that, Spotify’s new chat extension allows access to your favorite music and to share it inside the chat.


There are several other applications like VICE (for delivery news, culture and so on), (browsing hotel options and share them), GIPHY, Guggy, and Getty Images for vast collection both static and moving images.

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More From Viber

Viber’s Chat Extensions API is open to content and service providers, which can take advantage of their own similar chat extensions. This update is very meaningful, practical improvement to the chat experience that won’t be overlooked by the users.

The chat extensions and bots we have now are a small glimpse of messengers’ collective future involving ways to connect beyond chatting, video, and telecommunication. The feature is gradually being rolled out on Android and iOS, starting today.

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