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Facebook Added GIF Related Features, After All It’s GIFs 30th Birthday

facebook adds gifs on comments

Happy birthday to GIF! The hoary file format turns 30 today and Facebook is taking this opportunity, well, Facebook added GIF-related (a few) features up its sleeves.

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Facebook Added GIF Related Features

Users could already post GIFs in status updates. but from today (June 15th), you will be able to add GIFs in Facebook comments, allowing you to search and select from a list of relevant files right from the interface.

Facebook is greeting the format throwing what is calls a “GIF party” and also statistics on its existing GIF usage. Coming to the statistics, over 13 billion GIFs were sent via Facebook Messenger last year and the busiest day for GIFs was January 1st of this year with over 400 million GIFs sent in a day.

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In addition to that, Facebook is also using this day to re-open the grassy debate about GIF pronunciation with a poll for US-based users. Well, we want to be clear from our side, so, it is pronounced “JIF” not “GIF”.


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