Facebook’s Smart Assistant M Now Speaks Spanish; Learning Curve!

Smart Assistant M 1

Facebook‘s smart assistant M is making its moves. Well, more than 150 million Spanish speakers from Mexico and the United States (combined) can now receive suggestions from the smart assistant M on Facebook Messenger.

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Facebook’s Smart Assistant M Speaks Spanish

Facebook announced through a post that, users will now receive M suggestion in Spanish. So, to enable that; open Facebook Messenger, go to Messenger settings and change your preferred language to Spanish, pretty simple isn’t it?

Smart Assistant M 1

M Suggestions was available in early April to English speakers in the US in early April. Well, the features use Artificial intelligence to analyze conversation and make a suggestion based on the word used. M Suggestions can help you “Create a Plan” and even suggests stickers to share.

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In addition to that smart assistant is also able to suggest actions like peer-to-peer payments, sharing your location, starting polls, booking a ride from Lyft or Uber. These features have been added in many other apps and platform such as Gmail, LinkedIn, but M is more of an action than a text response.

Smart Assistant M

In addition to that, Facebook’s M will also make bots more discoverable on Facebook with an ability to suggest bots. Nothing official on when users can expect to see smart assistant M speaking other languages than English and Spanish and come outside of US and Mexico.

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