Acer Holo 360: An Android Phone With A 360-Degree Camera

Acer Holo 360 1

Acer showcased a number devices at an event in New York city, which includes laptops, smartwatches, projectors, notebooks, and monitors. Most of the devices showcased were Windows device, but one device had an Android catch, it was Acer Holo 360.

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Acer Holo 360

Much like it sounds, it is, of course, a 360-degree camera but with an Android OS. Well, Acer didn’t talk much about the device, why? because the device is just a prototype and the company may or may not retail it.


We don’t know which version of Android is running on the device, but what we know is that it has a touchscreen and is capable of WiFi and 4G LTE connections. Much like its Android version, the company was also short on camera components details.

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The device is a pocket-sized snapper, which has a 360-degree camera and on top of that, users can make or take calls. The device looks futuristic and holds a good amount of potential to take on traditional smartphones with its design and form factor.