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Facebook Messenger Lite Is Now Live In 150 Additional Countries

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Facebook has launched the lite version back in October last year. Messenger Lite was available for a handful of countries but now the company has added 150 additional countries to its Lite service. The whole point of having the Lite app is that it should run even on low-end (hardware) smartphones.

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Messenger Lite Added More Countries

Facebook added 150 countries to its Messenger Lite list, which includes Germany, Colombia, Italy, Vietnam, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Turkey, Japan, Taiwan and the Netherlands.

The app needs less memory and processing power to operate. It also uses less data when compared to the full-fledged app. If the main Messenger apps bogs your phone’s hardware? Lite is the best alternative.

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Missing Features; Do You Care?

Though the app comes hand and works almost on all phones without any bogging, you will, however, miss out certain features, such as Messenger Day (Messenger Stories), the camera effects and the native experience. Well, if you don’t care about these, you are good to go.

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