Amazon Echo Look Unveiled, Judges Your Outfits With Machine Learning

Echo Look Closet Shelf.0

Amazon has unveiled a new Alexa-powered device; Amazon Echo Look, it basically an Echo smart speaker with an added camera. Amazon has one of the best voice assistants in the market, but this time it is used to take pictures of your outfit, this is not an April fool prank.

Amazon Echo Look

Amazon Echo Look uses a depth-sensing camera (which blurs the background) with LED lighting in order to take photo or videos (or both). This camera will help you take “Full Length” photos of yourself and you can even ask Alexa to record a video.

Amazon Echo Look

You can save the photos or videos taken to the Amazon Echo Look app to “create a personal look back” containing all your outfits. The best part is that you can then “Style Check” it, i.e. the advanced machine learning algorithm and advice of fashion experts will recommend you, your the best outfits (which is amazing).

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Style Check is of two types, it will determine which look is best based on fit, color, styling and current trends. This comes really handy and not to forget it works same as Amazon Echo does but with some added fashion sense.

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More Amazon Echo Look

In addition to that, you can see your 360-degree view, you will also get recommendations, and the device will help you discover new brands and styles. Well, the EchoLook is currently available by invitation only and it looks like it priced at US$199.99 (roughly Rs 12,819) in Amazon.