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Request Money In Facebook Messenger With Group Payment Support

Group Payments Messenger

Facebook has added request money in Facebook Messenger. People can now request money from their friends and family. Request money feature comes with Group Payment support, so you can hit your friends (group) at the same time for cash.

This is one good feature; let’s say if you went out with a group of friends and you paid for their lunch, they can actually pay back now in a much efficient and effective way.

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Facebook Messenger With Group Payment Support

Sending and receiving money between two people is pretty common and Facebook has taken a step forward and added Group Payments support, which means you can receive from all your friend at the same time.

Facebook is the most used social network. So, sooner or later this will become the most convenient way to transfer and receive money (though it is still). This will also enhance sending and receiving money and will apparently level up the money transferring game in the market.

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