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Google Translate Now Uses Neural Machine Translation; Go Translate!

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Neural Machine Translation was introduced in last September, which claims to reduce translation errors across its Google Translate service by between 55 percent and 85 percent.

Google’s Neural Machine Translation (NMT) helps for translations of text in Hindi, Russian, and Vietnamese. In addition to that, it also translates the whole sentence at a time instead of piece by piece.

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Neural Machine Translation; Google Translate!

Google announced (back in September) that the web and mobile versions of Google Translate will use NMT systems for all translations from Chinese into English. But, now it seems the machine has learned a lot from users. So, it adds Hindi, Russian and Vietnamese in its sleeves.

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Not to worry! The support for Neural Machine Translation for all three languages will be automatically available for Google Translate for Android, iOS, and the web, as well as Google Search and the Google app. The company will add NMT to even more languages over the next few weeks.

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