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Google Maps Now Has A Bottom For Real Time Traffic And Transit Info

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Google Maps is becoming more reliable and driving-friendly. Lately, there have been a lot of updates and these updates have brought a lot of new features.

Google Maps latest update brought parking availability and the real-time traffic has been improved and now works much precisely with the given condition. And all these features (Transit and Real-Time Traffic) have been added to the new bottom bar for greater accessibility.

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There have been some minor changes, Under the places tab, you see lists of places around to eat and drink. Much like the earlier version, it spots ATMs, pharmacies, gas stations and grocery stores. In addition to this, the driving tab will pull live info with directions and ETA to Home and Work (if you have saved) along with the traffic info.

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With the inclusion to traffic tab, Google Maps has reduced the level of complications. But if Google Maps also had public transport information for the next arrival bus for you to get home back would have been awesome. But let’s expect it to make it soon to the app.

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