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WhatsApp Is Testing Snapchat Stories Like Feature For Its Status Feature

whatsapp status

Have you ever thought to take back your words (what you typed, of course), well WhatsApp is cooking up something for you, though the feature is under testing, but sooner or later you will have it your pocket.

The Facebook- owned messaging service is reportedly testing the ability to edit or recall the message that has been sent. This potentially mean that you can edit or even delete the message after you send it someone (I’m amazed, get to ready to face the consequences).

WhatsApp Revoke Unread Message Feature

The feature of revoking messages can only be possible if the message is not read by the recipient. Basically, the reader reads it using the notification, the blue tick will never appear, which means that the feature will work. The feature was spotted by @WABetaInfo (tracks WhatsApp’s testing).

The feature is currently being tested in the beta version of the WhatsApp on both Android and iOS. The update adds “revoke” and “edit” options for the messages that have bot been viewed. The image came up, showcases the message shown to the recipient when the sender re-edit/delete the message “Sender revoked the message”.

Snapchat Stories Like Feature For Status Feature

Yes, even WhatsApp. It is reported that WhatsApp is testing status feature, which looks very much similar to Snapchat’s stories. This will enhance the status feature, where you can add a picture with a caption or doodle that disappears after 24 hours. And much like Snapchat (parent) and Instagram (copycat), users can also reply to each other’s stories.

Addition to that there another feature, which is being tested, called “live location tracking”, allows users to enable other people in a group chat to track their location in real time. Well, there are a lot more coming in the upcoming updates.