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You Can Monetize Your Facebook Videos Soon: YouTube’s Competitor


It’s the time when YouTube will get a competitor, the social networking giant turns up to the video option for its publisher/creators.

The social networking giant accumulates billions of users every month, So why not add some more features? “Videos on the social network can soon include mid-roll advertisements, allowing creators to finally start making money from their videos”, Recode reported.

YouTube Vs Facebook

The social networking giant is likely to run ads in between any video that lasts at least 90 seconds, unlike YouTube, where ads run prior to the video and can be skippable after 5 seconds. The social networking giant has surprised some publishers/creators with the mid-roll ads in the live videos. Well, almost the same model is going to be implemented in the main videos.


Facebook’s spokesperson to Mashable said, “We’ve found that this model is working well, and we plan to expand this test to make it available to more partners”.

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Going Back…

Facebook has started this feature a long time ago but was not sharing any revenue from the ads to the creators/publishers initially. Now, much like YouTube, Facebook will also give away 55 percent (of ad revenue to the publisher/creator) and keep 45 percent ad revenue.

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FacebookAddition to this, the company will also pay to select partners for teaming up to create live videos. This features will add a lot of value to the social networking giant, especially when YouTube is broke with humongous amount contents, which are really disturbing (especially, when the click bait videos are making way to trending page in India and globally). This feature sounds really interesting, but we have to wait until they roll out.

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Though the idea of monetizing the video sounds interesting, but we have to wait until it gets rolled out. What do you guys think about it? Can it really affect the market of YouTube? If you’re a creator, will you leave YouTube for Facebook? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to react on it.