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Samsung Smartwatch Patents Leaked: Features Foldable Display & More

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It’s been a long talk on foldable displays. Major companies have taken initiative and may have also filed patents for foldable displays. Well, 2017 seems like the year to witness it happen.

Apart from rumors and leaks, Samsung appears to be working on the foldable display wearables. Recently, a set od patent filings came up hinting that Samsung is working on some interesting wearable.

Into The Samsung Patent File

► First Patent

There are two wearables that Samsung is rumored to be working on. The first device, as mentioned in the documents looks to be titled towards sporty type, which is likely to compete with a single thin strap to hold it in the place.

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Strap stands out in the document filed as it is described to have an interesting feature, which is to interact with users by shifting its position, relative to the strap. And the second strap could also potentially be involved in the setup for an extended or at least different input scheme.

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Addition to the leak, the patent also provide graphical representations of some suggested usage scenarios for the device, which includes to wrap it around the neck (weird) or hanging it on any object. it is expected to have a variety of functional intentions which are yet unknown.

Second Patent

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Apart from the first patent, which draws interest among the people, the second draws the whole interest from the first or (say) draws arguably more interest among the people. The second patent showcases the smartwatch something similar to a bracelet, with a foldable display. Though the Korean company has been pushing various flexible and foldable prototype, it is yet to be implemented in large scale.

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Future Of Foldable Displays?

No matter what, future behold the bendable, flexible or foldable display. Though we can’t assure the future based on few leaks and rumors but with the registered patents and even involving ideas from the innovative giants, it is pretty much clear that this is the future.