Procurement at the new level with Leverx Group

Procurement at the new level with Leverx Group

Running a business always means cooperation with other companies providing necessary products and services. One of the critical aspects of this cooperation is organization and supply issues that can be complicated to track and analyze with the variety of modern technologies involved in this process. Here’s where SAP Procurement solutions are helpful to facilitate the processes and enhance the visibility of every action. Why do you need them, and what benefits does it give? Read this article.

What does procurement in business mean?

People tend to identify this term variously. The main significance is searching for goods and services, ordering, and paying for them. But it’s a raw explanation that does not include all the steps. 

To be more specific, procurement in business is a sequence and multitude of activities people take to maintain the company’s daily work. The baseline purpose of those activities is to get the best products and services at their best prices. To provide such a concordance, the team needs to track and analyze the movements and transactions on every step. The steps are the following:

  1. Find out which goods and services are lacking.
  2. Form a request for purchase for the controlling department to approve it.
  3. Research vendors – reputation, experience, reviews, and quotes. 
  4. Hold negotiations about the terms and payments – fix them when agreed.
  5. Form and order for purchase and send to the vendor.
  6. Double-check when the goods are delivered.
  7. Compare the documents: PO, packing list, invoice. It helps eliminate possible mistakes and conflicts.
  8. Do the invoice approval and pay.
  9. Fix transactions in accounting documents.

All the steps are indispensable to finding the most optimal variant of goods and their suppliers for your company. Thus, you can build long-term business relationships with the vendors if everything goes smoothly.

Why optimize the procurement process with digital means?

Digital solutions help avoid this unnecessary time spent and speed up the other processes related to goods and services procurement. Thus, you can use the benefits of:

  • faster digital data input;
  • simpler data organizing and analysis through the built-in databases;
  • better mutual understanding between your teams and a vendor;
  • simpler search and research.

When you start using the tools for this purpose, you discover more advantages based on your business specificities.

Leverx Group and SAP procurement solutions

Leverx Group provides its customers with complex solutions for business needs. SAP solutions for the automation of procurement processes are one of them. Using these, you get:

  • better visibility of every process and its result;
  • more opportunities for analysis and projection;
  • better vendor relationships control;
  • AI-based automation.

The offered solutions are divided into several kinds for you to choose freely. The specialists are available to consult you and provide the most convenient software.

Procurement is a complex process requiring careful research, constant analysis, and checking at each step. Automated digital solutions make this process simpler, faster, and more efficient. Go to the Leverx Group website to learn more and find the best option for your business.