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Facebook Instant Games: Pac-Man And Many Such Games Are Now On Facebook

Facebook Instant Games

This is been rumored a lot and now it seems happening. Facebook wants you to play games everywhere, the company today is introducing a new initiative called Facebook Instant Games.

Facebook Instant Games is an HTML5 gaming platform that lets users play on Messenger and even in the News Feed, without downloading anything. Instant Games are cross-platform, so they will work on both web and mobile.

Facebook Instant Games

Facebook launches today with a total of 17 games, which include legendary games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galaga, and Words With Friends. Well, you won’t find it happening with you as this is in closed beta but sooner or later it will come out in public.

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Leo Olebe, Facebook’s Director  of Global Games Partnerships said;

The company was looking for a mix of classic games and new titles that would work well on the fledgling service. We’re going to find out as time goes by what works on the platform.

This is not the first time, Facebook hid a basketball game in its messaging service, which was well appreciated. But Instant Games are more or like a concerted effort to make these pick-up and play experiences more intruding and fun.

How Can You Access Facebook Instant Games?

It’s really easy to find and access Instant Games in multiple ways. Messenger will now feature a controller icon in its main menu, which brings up titles you can play and moreover you can add a bookmark to any game you like or played earlier.

Just like any other games from the past (Farmville) Facebook , one of the main ways you are likely to discover new games through your friends. As always, you can share your high scores and achievements with their friends via the News Feed. Facebook has recently launched a dedicated PC gaming platform called Gameroom, which is another step towards the world of gaming especially when Facebook is looking towards VR with Oculus.