Agile Development Startups: Building Team Structures For Success

Agile Development Startups

Agile development startups are building team structures for success. Often, many tech startup teams start small, with only a few developers. For a small company, this structure offers flexibility and collaboration that make working in a startup exciting. Naturally, many companies hire more employees as their product takes off.

As a new development business owner, you need to know the essential roles and responsibilities to fill as your company grows. This way, you can continue to work efficiently and maintain flexibility on your team. Whether you’re building a mobile application or software program, read on to learn about how agile development startups are building team structures for success.


Business Analyst

First, it is essential to hire a business analyst as your agile development startup grows. Typically, business analysts focus on gathering project requirements and understanding the scope of the project. In addition, they are responsible for outlining problems, opportunities, and potential solutions for clients. Usually, these professionals forecast budgets, pricing, and reporting as well.

Agile Development Startups

To improve clients’ products and services, business analysts utilize data to identify where there is room for growth. Ideally, you should look for candidates with strong interpersonal and consultative skills, as they will be working with clients. Of course, cost-benefits analysis, IT, and business knowledge is also critical. Absolutely, business analysts are crucial team members to bridge the gap between your tech startup’s services and the clients.

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DevOps Engineer

Next, hire a DevOps engineer to optimize your automation and application management. Typically, these professionals have experience using top application tools to manage your build process, vulnerability analysis, and artifact flow control. For example, DevOps engineers can use a Docker registry by JFrog to set up a fully automated Docker promotion pipeline.

DevOps Engineer

With this tool, you only promote a Docker image to the next level in your SDLC if it passes the required quality gates. Importantly, this ensures that any image in your production system has been tested and approved through an automated process in the REST API. Definitely, hire a DevOps engineer to streamline automation and application management in your agile startup.

Software Testers

Moreover, most agile development startups are also hiring software testers. Importantly, these individuals ensure that your software solutions are free of bugs, errors, and defects. Typically, these professionals set up test environments. In addition, they execute and log the tests. Once they are completed, testers evaluate the results, document problems, and continue to monitor the environment.

Software Testers

Often, software testers use various tools depending on the needs of the project. For example, they may implement vulnerability analysis or code scanners to identify bugs in the software. Throughout the development life cycle, testers typically review each other’s work, including test specifications, defect reports, and results. Undoubtedly, hiring a software tester to ensure your deployments function at a higher performance level.

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UX Designers

Furthermore, you should also hire a user experience (UX) designer as your development startup grows. Typically, these professionals conduct competition analysis for clients. In addition, they research consumer behaviors to inform their products and create lean UX machines. Then, UX designers use this information to pinpoint the core features needed in the minimum viable product.

Agile Development Startups

From there, they map out a user’s journey through a software product, using flows and wireframes. Importantly, user flows are basic flow charts that visualize how the user interacts with the product. They use this to develop wireframes and prototypes for your product, so you can see your product before it gets developed. For a product with high visual appeal, hire a UX designer as your agile development startup grows.

Agile Development Startups

Agile development startups are building team structures for success. First, it is essential to hire a business analyst to streamline client communications. Next, DevOps engineers can support automation and application management in your pipeline. In addition, hire a project manager and Scrum Master to oversee execution.

Moreover, software testers are essential to deploy high-quality products. Furthermore, UX designers are great team members to develop visually appealing products. Consider these points to learn about how agile development startups are building team structures for success.