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[Giveaway Ended] Realme Buds 2 Review: Budget Earphones Done Right!

Realme Buds 2 Review -1

Earphones, one of the most important accessories in our lives that we often use and some of us cannot imagine forgetting them at home while going out. They come in a lot of shapes and sizes but, one of the most common types is wired earphones probably because not only they’re very light on your pocket but also get the job done very well.


A lot of mobile phone manufacturers have also stepped into the audio market and started manufacturing wired earphone alongside the other types of audio peripherals. Due to a lot of OEMs producing earphones, this has sparked plenty of confusion about which one to pick considering numerous factors/areas in which consumers want the earphone to excel.Realme Buds 2 Review -3

Sadly, every earphone loses out on one or the other thing. Some sound vague but have a great build quality and design and some of them sound good but are not durable. But, what if we told you that there’s one particular earphone that almost ticks all the boxes? Its been a while since we reviewed any audio gear on the website so, Here’s our Realme Buds 2 Review which is a budget earphone that sells for Rs.599 and offers incredible value for money.

Realme Buds 2 Review

Box Contents

Box Contents Realme Buds 2

  • Realme Buds 2
  • Two pairs of extra Eartips
  • User manual

You know something’s special about the product when it’s presented well and at the same time, you feel like the company has put a lot of effort into packaging so that their product stands out. The packaging was very well done it came packed so well that it almost didn’t feel like we were unboxing a product that worth only Rs.599. Thumbs up for that Realme!

Build Quality

The build quality is one of the best among the earphones that we usually see in this price range. Starting with the earphone’s body, it’s half matte finish with a shiny portion till the ear tips. The cable is braided and can withstand rough usage easily thanks to the added thickness. The ear tips and the rubber grip beneath have a subtle yellow accent inside which makes the earphones visually appealing.

Build Quality

The earphones have magnets on both sides which help hold them together. The buttons on the microphone feel clicky and also have a yellow accent on them which looks great. The earphones are tilted at a 45° angle making them one of the most comfortable earphones that we ever tested. There’s also a cable management strap which makes your life a lot easier and we feel every manufacturer must consider adding one to their cables.Cable Organizer

Some of the things we didn’t like are, the headphone jack is not L-shaped and is not gold plated. We were worried about if the headphone jack can withstand the force and the elements between the headphone jack and the wire help it withstand a good amount of force. If you’re someone who wears jeans daily, you need to be extra careful or else you might end up breaking the headphone jack.

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Sound Quality

In Rs.300-800 price segment, manufactures often sell their audio products by marketing and bragging about overwhelmingly thumpy bass and when you get and use the product, yes the bass will be present but there’ll be so much of it that it makes the earphones sound muddy, unrealistic, and unpleasant to the ears.

The sound quality is not what you’d expect from wired earphones that cost a measly Rs.599, it’s way better. The sound stage is great thanks to the 11.2mm drivers, the earphones can get very loud. The midrange frequencies are better than the Mi Dual Driver earphones that cost almost Rs.200 more, and the bass is also very well done here.

Realme Buds 2 closeup

Unlike other wired earphones out there that are aimed at sub Rs.500-800 segment, the Realme Buds 2 don’t overpower vocals with more bass. The instrument separation is great too. Overall, the earphones sound way better when compared to the Mi Dual Driver earphones but, when we compare them to the Sennheiser CX 180, they’re less superior in terms of richness of the sound.

Frequency Response graph

Source: Realme India

The bass is punchy and natural, the vocals could’ve sounded better but, they still sound better than the Mi Dual Driver Earphones. If you’re looking for earphones that sound great and if you’re willing to sacrifice the Microphone for the same, we suggest you get the CX 180. If you want an earphone with mic and good sound quality, the Realme Buds 2 is for you.

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Call Quality And Controls

The call quality was good. The other party often complained about hearing a lot of ambient noise which wasn’t the case with my friends’ Realme Buds 2 so, probably only our unit has this issue. Overall, the mic can get the job done fairly well.

Mic and Controls

On the controls’ side, the buttons are tactile and have great feedback.

  • One short press to Pause/Play music
  • Double-click to skip to next song
  • Triple-click to skip to the previous song
  • Long press to launch the Google Assistant
  • +/- buttons to control the volume

While switching the songs was a breeze, Triple-click to skip to the previous song didn’t work for us which could be a big deal for some this could be an issue with our unit only.



For an asking price of Rs.599, Realme Buds 2 offers great value for money when compared to other wired earphones at the same price that do not sound well. If you’re looking for an earphone with a good amount of bass and overall sound quality, the Realme Buds 2 deliver it and they do it really well.


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