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3 Ways To Easily Combine PDF Files For Free

How to combine PDF files

So, you’ve just finished downloading the necessary documents/notes, that were sent to you as PDFs, for your exams, or office work, and the information in the document is very important to you. The sender has sent two or more PDFs, the second PDF that you’ve separately downloaded is the continuation of first and the third is a continuation of second and this goes on until the final document.


Now, you want to combine PDF files into one so that it’ll be easy for you to organize and leave no confusion but, you don’t know how to do it. Fear not! combining two PDF files is no rocket science and we’re here with how to combine PDF files for free.

How To Combine PDF FilesmacOS and Windows - "How to combine PDF Files"

Mac comes with a built-in set of tools that can help combine PDF Files. Now before you start wishing you owned a Mac, there are plenty of ways of combining PDF files on Windows. Some of those methods are by using third-party apps, Online tools, and using the built-in tool that we’ll cover in the “How to combine PDF files on Mac” section; So, without any further adieu, let’s begin.

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Using Online Tools

Now, you shouldn’t trust most of the online PDF editing tools out there because on the outside they look really sweet and can get the job done in seconds but, on the inside, they take the metadata of the PDF which contains important information about you and your computer and they sell it.

But, there is a fix to the above problem. Before uploading anything to online PDF tools, all you need to do is delete the metadata if you think the PDF contains important information. Most of us already use the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a great PDF reader software and if you’re not using it already, download it from the link below.

Document Properties

After downloading/opening Acrobat and the PDF, all you need to do is go to File -> Properties and delete every field in the Description tab and that’s pretty much it.



ILovePDF is an amazing online website that offers a wide variety of tools to edit your PDF. As a result, the website also has a PDF merging tool that asks users to input multiple PDFs. All you need to do is press on that Merge button and the website will do its magic and give you the combined PDF in no time.ILovePDF

However, the maximum number of files allowed per task is 25, and if you have more files to merge, you might want to look at our next recommendation called SodaPDF.


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Much like ILovePDF, SodaPDF helps you combine PDF files but, this time there’s no limit to how many PDFs you can combine. The UI of the website is minimalistic and certainly not better than ILovePDFs’ and it’s a factor that you cannot consider when you’re getting a great tool that’s free and works very well.SodaPDF

The Website also offers different conversion tools and much more which is fantastic considering its completely free to use. Overall, our experience with it was great and we’d recommend it to anyone who wants a completely free online PDF tool.


Using a Freeware

There is a lot of free software available online that can get the job done but before you rush to search for one, you need to be careful about a lot of malicious apps online which are malware and they can render your PC useless. Hence, we’ve got an app for you that does what it says and it is called PdfMerge.

PdfMerger - "Combine PDf files"

PdfMerge is a no-nonsense tool that works well. To download it, head over to the download page at, install the app and run it. After opening it, all you need to do is to press the “Add Files” button at the bottom to add files and after you’re done, press on merge and the merged file will be saved at the destination that you chose while installing the application.


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How To Combine PDF Files On Mac

The reason why Macs are popular amongst content creators is due to the sheer amount of tools macOS comes with and there’s no way it would miss out on features like combining PDF Files. Yes, it does require some digging and patience but, trust us, once you get used to the goodness of macOS, nothing can stop you from being the best content creator out there. Enough about macOS, let’s jump into what brought us here.

Merge PDF Mac

Make sure yo make a copy of the PDF you intend to merge as thinks might sometimes go wrong.

  • Open the duplicate file.
  • Drag the other PDF files into the sidebar and drop them either above or below, according to how you want PDFs to be aligned.
  • If you get something wrong, you can drag more files and align it to the correct location and delete pages that you no longer need.

So, that’s how you merge PDF Files on both Mac and Windows. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any queries about the methods listed above. Do let us know if there are any other online tools you use to merge PDF and we’ll try to include them in this article.

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