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OPPO Enco M31 Review: Best Wireless Earphone Under Rs.2500

Oppo Enco M31 Review

Earphones come in different shapes and sizes but, one of the most popular types of earphones that people love is the neckband style wireless earphones, probably because of the hassle-free music listening experience that they provide alongside a good amount of comfort. The online market is filled with a lot of neckband wireless earphones starting from as low as Rs.1200 and we often find ourselves confused about which one will be the right pick.


Well, what if we told you that there is one such wireless earphone which “almost” ticks all the boxes? Here’s our OPPO Enco M31 review, which is a wireless earphone that from OPPO that unfortunately, didn’t make a lot of fuss in the tech community. Let’s get started.

OPPO Enco M31 Review

Box Contents

  • OPPO Enco M31 Wireless Earphones
  • A short USB Type-C cable
  • Two sets of earbuds, small and large. The medium earbuds come attached to the earphone.
  • A user manual and a warranty card.

Build Quality, Comfort, And Design

Right out of the box the OPPO Enco M31 feels solid in hand. The earphone is available in two colors – Black and Green. We’ve got the green color and Yes, they are made up of plastic but, the quality of plastic used here is pretty sturdy. The neckband has a soft touch to it and feels soft on the skin of your neck. The two pods on either side have a nice shiny touch to them alongside the OPPO branding which looks and feels premium.

Enco M31 Build Quality - "OPPO Enco M31 Review"

The media controls are located on the left pod alongside a Type-C connector for charging and a mic. The buttons feel tactile and clicky and have a nice golden accent that makes the earphones stand out.


The earbuds are magnetic and we found the magnets to be strong and there’s no way they’re going to separate until you separate them. The golden ring with a golden touch on the earbuds makes them visually appealing.

Enco M31 Build Quality1

The earphones are very comfortable and weigh just 22 grams. They’re so light that after some time, you will forget that you’re wearing them. Overall, the Enco M31 surely looks and feels better than its competitor, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z which comes with the same design as the Bullets Wireless 2 and looks dated and rather uninteresting.

Sound Quality

Let us get straight to the point. For Rs.2299, the OPPO Enco M31 is the best-sounding wireless earphones in the market currently. The highs and lows are excellent for a wireless earphone. The Enco M31 has punchy bass which doesn’t overpower the vocals which most of the earphones in this price range struggle to do. The 9.2mm Titanium drivers deliver excellent soundstage, the earphones can become considerably loud outdoors.

Enco M31 Build Quality2

The instrument separation is great. We found the mid frequencies to be okay and certainly not better than the Blon Bl-03, which we previously reviewed on this website. The earphones come with Sony’s LDAC codec which can deliver up to three times more compression volumes (990kbps) than the SBC codec which maxes out at 328kbps.


The frequency of LDAC maxes out at 96khz/24bit whereas SBC maxes out at 44.1khz/16bit. You will not hear a significant difference in sound quality while streaming on apps like Spotify that delivers a bit rate of less than 320kbps anyways. However, you will notice a significant difference while playing 24bit Flac files. If you want to know more about LDAC we suggest you check Sony’s Website where they’ve explained LDAC in detail.

USB-C Connector and Mic

There’s a “Bass mode” that can be activated by pressing the power button twice. However, we didn’t quite like it and we suggest you use the balanced mode for a better overall listening experience. But, for all the bass heads out there who prefer a lot of Bass while listening to genres like EDMs, you will love the bass mode.


The Enco M31 is Hi-Res certified, which is a rare thing to find on earphones that cost Rs.2500 or less. Also, they’re IPX5 water-resistant, meaning, they can withstand sweat and splashes of water. There’s also noise cancellation which OPPO calls AI uplink noise cancellation, which they claim uses an AI-powered noise reduction algorithm to give better in-call experience.

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The latency, we believe isn’t less than the OnePlus’ Bullets Wireless Z but is still better than most of the other wireless earphones out there. That being said, we suggest you stay away from the M31 if you’re buying it solely for gaming.


Battery life has been excellent. OPPO claims that the Enco M31’s battery lasts for up to 8hrs which it did. There were some cases where the battery life exceeded 8 hours (12 hours roughly) and that is when we listened to it in less than 50% of volume. The battery is of 88mAh capacity and charging it takes roughly around an hour to complete.

OPPP Enco M31

The Enco M31 has Bluetooth 5.0 and a connection range of 10 meters. There were no issues or hiccups in the connection and the range is also pretty good as advertised. The only thing that the Enco M31 lacks is fast charging but, considering all the other extra perks that you’re getting, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Final Words

The OPPO Enco M31 the only wireless earphone out there which ticks all the boxes. Be it Sound Quality or the Design, the earphone nails it in every aspect. While testing the M31, we genuinely felt like the Rs.1999 price tag (while buying) on Amazon was a mistake but we were surprised when we found out that it wasn’t.

Enco M31-2

For all the beginner audiophiles out there who want to try out a good sounding wireless earphone under Rs. 2000 or even Rs. 3000, your search ends here.

Let us know which earphone you’re currently using and if the M31 is what you’re getting next in the comments section below. Also, do let us know if you find this review helpful, a follow across social media or a share would be massively appreciated.