Telegram Teases New Video Calling Feature, Reached 400 Million Active Users

Telegram teases new video calling feature

WhatsApp’s rival, Telegram, has crossed 400 million active users from 300 million reported in October 2019. The team behind Telegram says, due to the current pandemic, approximately 1.5 million users are joining each day.

Telegram Teases New Video Calling Feature

Telegram primarily competes with WhatsApp, which has over 2 billion active users currently. Many of the features WhatsApp introduced recently came from Telegram. Reports also suggest that the number of active users spikes up whenever WhatsApp is down.

Telegram teases new video calling feature

Some of the primary reasons for the rising popularity of this app are its desktop app which, doesn’t require your phone to be connected to function, and cloud-storage saves you from the hassle of backing up and restoring chats and media.

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The app is insanely popular among techies and people who care about privacy. The Cloud-storage enables the spread of a lot of pirated content, which might be boon to some people but, at the same time, risky for the platform itself.

It’s not at all surprising that it has seen an increase in active users since pretty much every other platform also has during the pandemic. It will be interesting to see the new secure group video calling feature, which is in the works.

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