10 Best Android Apps That You Must Try [April 2020]

Top-10 Best Android Apps of April 2020

Thanks to the immensely popular Android OS, Google PlayStore has 2.57 million applications. There are numerous apps in a category, and you may get confused about which one’s better. Therefore, we have compiled a list of best Android apps for the month of April 2020, that you must use.

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Best Android Apps For April 2020

1) Afterlight Photo Editor

Afterlight is a simple yet powerful photo editor with no ads. The UI is nice and easy to use. There are tools, filters, textures, cropping tools, and frames.

Afterlight- ""Top-10 Best Android Apps of April 2020""

You can also share it easily with the share option as soon as you’re done editing the photo. Overall, you are getting a feature-rich photo editor, which does what it’s supposed to do well.


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2) Via Browser

Via Browser - "Top-10 Best Android Apps of April 2020"

Via Browser is if not one of the fastest and lightest among all the browsers in the Play Store. With a size of around 1MB, it loads the webpages pretty fast, faster than chrome we would say. There’s also an in-built AD blocker, which makes this browser stand out. It also has every nifty feature that you’d expect a browser to have.


3) Microsoft Math Solver

If you’re weak in math, then well, you’ve come to the right place. Microsoft Math solver app can help you with different types of problems, including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and other topics.

Mirosoft Math Solver - "Top-10 Best Android Apps of Q1 2020"

It uses an advanced AI-powered math solver. All you need to do is write a math problem on screen or use the camera to snap a math photo, and the app will solve it for you with an excellent Step-by-step explanation.


4) Customized Pixel Launcher (CPL)

CPL project is a copy of Rootless Pixel Launcher and comes with a lot of extra features. From icon packs to the positions of the elements, users can customize everything.

CPL - "Top-10 Best Android Apps of Q1 2020"

Some of the cool customizations include Grid Selection, Resizing Margins, Scrolling Effects, Customizing the Icon Size, etc. Some of the alternatives for CPL are Lawnchair, Nova Launcher (Paid), Rootless Pixel Launcher, and Hyperion.


5) Retro Music Player

If you are a fan of the material design, then you’ll definitely like this one. The minimalistic look of the app looks extraordinary. The app is also feature-rich with a customizable notification menu, thumbnail theme, and a splash screen.

Retro Music Player - "Top-10 Best Android Apps of April 2020"

The equalizer is meh, and you might want to look somewhere else if you are an audiophile. Poweramp is another great paid music player which is recommended for power listeners.


6) OxyPie Oxypie - ""Top-10 Best Android Apps of April 2020"

OxyPie Icon Pack contains more than 4000 icons that can be used with almost all the launchers. The icons are colorful and dynamic. As the name suggests, the design of the icons is inspired by the minimal style of Oxygen OS and Android Pie icons. If you’re bored at looking at your same dull home screen daily.


7) Bouncer – Temporary App Permissions

Bouncer gives you the ability to grant permissions temporarily. If you want to tag a location or take a photo, without letting an application access your gallery or camera, then this app is for you. As soon as you exit the app, it will automatically remove the permission for you instantly so you can get sit back and relax.

Bouncer - "Top-10 Best Android Apps of April 2020"

The app is designed for one-time permissions, not for permissions where you only want the app to have them in the foreground. It can be used for both purposes, but as you use apps throughout the day, they will be in the foreground a lot of the time.


8) Footej Camera 2

The prequel to Footej Camera 2 was easily one of the best camera apps. Footej camera 2 is an excellent app that lets you take Time-lapses, record videos in Slow motion, a High FPS mode which works surprisingly well, a video mode, Burst, RAW, and Panorama.

Footej Camera 2 - "Top-10 Best Android Apps of April 2020"

There’s also a pro mode if you want to take your photography to the next level. Overall, it’s an excellent package for someone bored with using stock camera and wants to try something new.


9) Socratic by Google

Socratica is a learning app powered by AI. It helps you understand your schoolwork at a high school and university level. You can ask the app a question, and it will find the best online resources for you to learn the concepts. The app supports most high school subjects.

Socratic - "Top-10 Best Android Apps of April 2020"

All you need to do to ask is to point your camera at the question, and the app will do its magic behind the scenes. The interface of the app is clean and fast.


10) App Notifier

AppNotifier - "Top-10 Best Android Apps of April 2020"

Do you miss the old “Tap to update apps” notification from the play store? With the app notifier, you can get it back. The app shows a notification each time an app is newly installed or updated on your device. You can also choose whether notifications are shown for apps from Google Play or even from sideloaded apps, which is excellent.


So, here are the best Android apps for April 2020. What apps would you be using or deserve on your list of apps? Let us know in the comments section below.