10 Best Apps For Android That You Must Try [February 2020]

Best Apps for Android

Are you always looking for the best apps for android? It is a pain to search for such apps. We don’t know if any app is good or not until we try it. We’re going to take down the hassle for you to make things easier for you. Without any delay, let’s keep going.

All the apps on the list get tested carefully and tried out before suggestion. In the end, it is always up to you if you want to try out the app or not. So, here are the 10 best Android apps of this month (February).

Best Apps for Android (February 2020)

1Gallery (Free)

1Gallery comes from the developers of Today Weather. It provides you with the best encryption support to hide your photos and secure them. It’s easy to encrypt files like your documents and more. As per the usage, it appears out to be minimal and easy to use at the same time. It made our list of the best app for android this month with ease.

1Gallery -best apps for android

Along with that, it comes with a photo editor and video editor built-in. The dark mode isn’t a question here; it’s present if you take good care of your eyes. It is our go-to gallery app right now, and we do recommend it. Make sure to give it a try and let us know in the comments.


Transno (Free)

Transno is a productivity app. Unlike other apps, it comes with multiple functions and applies the functionality into a single app. It lets you organize your notes and tasks efficiently. Mind mapping is a feature that allows you to create a mind map for the Notes or tasks you’ve created. It’s a handy feature that may come handy while organizing everything. As a part of the best apps for android, we had to pick it.

transno -best apps for android

What makes it different is the use of tags to access your notes within the app easily. Apart from that, you can also access your Notes on Android, iOS, and any web browser if needed. So the support for the cross-device platforms is available. It also has a dark theme to keep their app comfortable on your precious eyes. Give it a try and let us know what do you think of the app.


Wallex (Free)

How can the list of best android apps of android happen without a wallpaper app? Wallex is a wallpaper app that provides terrific wallpapers in high resolution. There are a lot of wallpaper apps on the play store. It will be another excellent wallpaper app to add to your collections. As the wallpaper app of the month, Wallex is one of the best apps for Android.

wallex -best apps for android

It comes with an outstanding collection of wallpapers and makes sure that they’re high resolution. The developer carefully handpicks the wallpapers, and the app is always up to date. All the wallpapers are categorized over various categories making them easy to explore. It also comes with live wallpapers from time to time to enhance your home screen experience.


KAAIP (Paid)

What of the best apps list if there isn’t an icon pack included. In this list, we’re focusing on the KAAIP icon pack from the developer of the KAIP icon pack. It’s an adaptive icon pack, whereas adaptive icons have introduced in Android 8 Oreo.

kaaip -best apps for android

The KAAIP icon pack supports various shapes and sizes since it’s adaptive. It has around 800+ themed icons and is compatible with every launcher that supports icon packs. To get better use of this icon pack, we recommend to use it with Launchers that support adaptive icons.

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These icons follow Material Design guidelines with long straight shadows instead of inclined ones. The colors are very punchy, making your home screen pop out of the crowd. Make sure to give it a go and let us know if you like it.


Lock Me Out (Free)

Distracted? Well, it looks like you’re addicted to your phone. It’s natural to be addicted since the apps have designed to keep you locked on to the screen. OnePlus has already created Zen Mode as a solution to this problem. It keeps your phone locked for a set amount of time altogether.

lock em out - best apps for android

Well, Lock Me Out does the same, but the good part is that it’s available not only OnePlus but any Android device. Additionally, you can allow specific apps to use while in the lockdown period. It prevents you from making any changes to the settings before the lockout or while the lockdown is in process. It is a great app to keep your phone addiction away. Give it a try, and thank us later.


Colartive (Free)

Colartive is yet another excellent wallpaper app for those who want more customizations on their home setup or want to create a wallpaper that goes with their icon packs or so. Since Tapet is almost dead, Colartive is the best alternative you can find. Thus it made it to the list of our best apps for android this month.

colartive - best apps for android

Yes, you can create your wallpaper without any designing knowledge. Colartive is the one that does the magic here, though. Colartive uses its amazing algorithm to generate some beautiful patterns. Later you can customize and save them to your preferences. Let us know if you like it.


Listle (Free)

Want to read the news daily along with the latest headlines and the brief story? In our busy lives, it’s quite to hard to settle and read the news. But Listle will help out with this. The idea of this app is unique, which made us include it in the best apps for android. Listle reads out your articles to you while you are on the go. Sounds great, right?

listle - best apps for android

On Listle, you can go over a vast library of topics and choose the right one for you. If there’s no audio available for specific content, you can request an audio version quickly. You can save the audio if you want to keep it data-friendly. One of the best things is the narration, which sounds very natural instead of those robotic voices. You should try it on your phone for sure.


FV File Explorer (Free – No Ads)

Yeah, a file manager on the list of the best apps of android. FV File Manage comes from the house of the developers who previously built FooView. While FooView gave you access to explore and preview your files while using other apps. FV File Explorer takes it to the next level by bringing it as a full-fledged file manager app.

fv file explorer - best apps for android

The FV File Manager looks quite pleasing on your eyes. Even though it might remind you of some other file managers, it has better functionality over others. You can preview the files you before accessing with ease and manage storage and many more features to explore yourself. You should try this app for sure.


Story Maker (Free)

If you want your stories to stand out from others, you should check out Story Maker. It comes with a ton of built-in templates to make your Stories attractive, whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp. And that’s why it made to our list of the best apps for Android.

story maker - best apps for android

It offers you all the features you get from professional video editing tools on Android, but you won’t need any sign in to use it. In the end, it exports the resultant file without loss of quality, which means you can export at high quality for free. Exciting right, then go ahead and make your stories stand out.


Lithium (Free + Paid)

If you are fond of reading e-books, it has always been a tiresome job to search for ePUB readers. Even if you find one, they tend to be very messy or lack the basic features. That’s where Lithium comes out. It is an e-book reader and supports all the file formats used for reading. That is what makes it to the best apps of Android.

lithium reader - best apps for android

Besides that, you get to see highlight options, dark mode, and much more to make your reading experience comfortable. It keeps you out of distractions, and the animations make it more pleasing to use. Thus, you should try it if you love reading e-books.



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