Google Chrome developers are working on adding a play/pause button to its browsers toolbar. This feature will let you play or pause the multimedia content that’s currently playing in the browser from any tab.

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Chrome Is Testing A Video Play/Pause Button

A recent release of Chrome’s Canary development version has this new feature called Global Media Controls (GCM) reported by Engadget, ZDNet, and others. Once enabled, a play icon will appear next to the URL (just beside the bookmark star). 

Pause Button
Image Credits: ZDNet

So, if you have a video playing in any tab. By clicking on it, a larger control pops up that lets you pause, play or skip forward/backward without actually going to the video itself. This feature could be handy for stopping auto-play videos or controlling a YouTube video if you switch to another tab.

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This would be a welcome change considering Google recently removed the ability to mute tabs by clicking on the speaker icon, however, you can still right-click on a tab to permanently mute a site. Currently, this feature is in its early stage and is buggy, but still, if you want to give it a shot for yourself, you can download the Canary browser here, then enable the flag- chrome://flags/#global-media-controls.


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