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SBI Leaks Account Data Of Millions Of Customers Thanks To Its Unprotected Server

SBI Leaks

India’s largest bank and a highly ranked company in the Fortune 500- State Bank of India (SBI) has apparently left open account data of millions of its Indians customers for unauthorized access, according to TechCrunch. This incision straight up allowed anyone to access financial information on millions of its customers, like bank balances and transactions.

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SBI Leaks Account Data Of Millions Of Users

The government-owned SBI seems to have done a serious blunder, as in all seriousness the organization forgot to add protection (several levels of data encryption, passwords and more) to its server in Mumbai’ data center. Which seemingly let anyone with the knowledge on the domain easily access details of a million SBI customers.

SBI Leaks

SBI’s Mumbai-based datacenter stores customer data, which includes two months of data from SBI Quick, a text message and call-based system, which allows anyone to request their account data, like the last five transactions, block an ATM card, and make inquiries about home or car loans.

SBI Leaks

The worst part about this critical scenario is that it is not known for how long the server was open. However, the database didn’t reveal account passwords or numbers, but, gave permission to anyone to view customers’ phone numbers, bank balances, and a few digits of the associated account number, which questions the overall security seriousness of the organization.

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TechCrunch claimed to have reached out SBI and India’s National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre but sadly got no retort. The database was secured overnight, however, SBI is yet to officially verify and comment on this critical oversight.


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