5 Websites To Download Copyright-Free Music For Your YouTube Videos

    The importance of using a background score is unpredictable, but using copyrighted music without the consent of the artist could probably end up your video taken down from YouTube or any other streaming sites. So, having a royalty-free or copyright-free music is the go. Here are some sites which will give you background scores of free, as long as you add a link to the source in your description, which is nominal.

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    Thematic (Web): Free Tracks Straight From Legit Artists

    Thematic is a service that most YouTube creators should be looking at for free songs from established artists and musicians. To taste the goodness, you will need to first become a member of Thematic, not to worry, you don’t need a credit card to sign up.

    Download Copyright-Free Music

    After you become the member of the platform, you will get to see the full Thematic music catalog, by that we mean is you will be able to see the full Thematic music catalog, which includes music from several artists, which also include Olivia Lane (a VEVO artist) or Kingdm.

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    There are of course some set rules to use the music. Thematic members have to follow a particular attribution link and style to use the songs on YouTube or Instagram, and those are the only two platforms where you’re allowed to show your video. But as long as you follow the necessary requirements and set rules, you’re good to go.

    Icons8 Fugue (Web): Browse by Themes, Genres, and Moods

    Icons8 is well known for its free stock icons and photos, but they also offer a great selection of royalty-free music and audio tracks, which of course can be used on your videos. Each track can be downloaded to your drive as a free high-quality MP3, but if you want WAV file, you need to pay to unlock.

    There’s a pretty good collection of music which is divided into three categories; themes, genres, and moods. Furthermore, each genre has sub-categories to refine your choices. Not just that, you can also stream any song in full before downloading it and can also get information like runtime, visualizer and so on.

    TeknoAXE (Web): One Musician, 1500 Free Songs

    A musician and YouTube TeknoAXE have been music for over nine years now. He particularly makes EDMs, rock, metal and plenty of thematic compositions. The best part is that he lets everyone use his music on the internet for free.

    Download Copyright-Free Music

    All you got to do is, attribute the original link of the music (as in giving credits) and in return, you get to use a collection of over 1,500 songs spread across several genres, and even moods like comedy, drama, horror, and so on. You can also follow his YouTube channel for weekly music update.

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    SoundCloud (Web): Free Tracks With Permission

    This popular website for artists is a straight up help for the video content creators. There are hundreds and thousands of artist putting out tracks every day, but not everything is free or ready to use.

    Download Copyright-Free Music

    You need to take permission from the artist via a message (built into SoundCloud) before you use their music. In our experience, most of the artist permit us to use their music (of course with proper credits), some denied and a handful didn’t reply back. So, handle this part with at most caution. If permitted, you are good to go.

    YouTube (Web): Help For The Need

    The world’s second popular search engine has a solution for every problem. This wasn’t the case earlier, but now, there are hundreds of channels on YouTube that provides you a copyright-free or royalty-free music. All you need to do is search for “copyright free or royalty free music” on the YouTube search bar.

    Download Copyright-Free Music

    Again, this comes under a CC license, which means you have to give credits to the artist in the video description. The best part about selecting music from YouTube is that you don’t have to follow a lot of artist for music, but a handful of distribution channels for an easy go.


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