A keyboard is an important IO device that helps human input commands easily. It acts as a communication medium between humans and computer systems. So if you are having a hard time deciding your next keyboard, then Dell KB216 will definitely impress you. It can be easily used for office and regular day to day usage.

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Dell KB216: Design And Build Quality

Dell KB216 1

Dell KB216 is a compact and minimal looking keyboard. It can be easily accommodated in almost any working environment. The overall design ergonomics of the Dell KB216 are pretty clean. The keyboard is made out of good quality plastic, hence it looks and feels durable as well. Since it’s a wired keyboard you get a fairly long USB cable attached to the keyboard.

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Typing Experience

Dell KB216

The second major aspect of a keyboard is typing experience. Well, the Dell KB216 comes with chiclet-style keys. The keys produce a negligible amount of sound while typing. Since its a multimedia keyboard you can easily control volume, play/pause, or skip a song. In simple words, the typing experience is fast, accurate, responsive, and quiet. If you use a laptop for typing, then these keys might feel similar to that of a laptop.

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So is the Dell KB216 worth it? Definitely, it is, there’s nothing to complain about the keyboard. The only issue with this keyboard is that it doesn’t have backlighting. Rest the keyboard is a bang for the buck. You can easily rely on this keyboard for office and regular day to day usage.


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