One of the major upgrades that Microsoft brought up with Windows 10 was a native support to Windows mobile applications. Even Though Windows 8 and 8.1 also supported Windows mobile applications but the overall experience was not up to the mark.

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On the other hand, Windows 10 allowed users to play a 65MB Candy Crush and a 65GB GTA-V game on the same machine. The seamless support of new generation applications and traditional software makes Windows 10 the most used PC operating system. So, here’s a list of 7 applications that you should definitely try.

1. Netflix

If you have an active Netflix Subscription then you should definitely check out Netflix Windows 10 client on Windows App Store. Netflix on Windows 10 has a new refreshing UI, its fast and even support 4k Ultra HD.

Windows 10 1

If you haven’t heard about Netflix then you should definitely start your free one month trial as Netflix offers countless TV Shows, Original Series, movies and documentaries with complete access to download or stream them.

2. The Weather Channel

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The Weather Channel does exactly as its name suggests, it helps you get real-time weather updates with personalized weather alerts based on your location. The application also provides latest weather news, weather videos, airport weather, Cortana support all this and much more packed in a Sleek Interface with Stunning Imagery.

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3. Inkscape

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Inkscape is a free and open-source vector-graphics editor. Inkscape provides some really powerful and helpful tools to completely transform your idea into a stunning vector graphics. Inkscape supports almost all vector formats like SVG, svgz, pdf, ai and much more. Inkscape is a must have application if you are into vector graphics or illustration.

4. Polarr

Windows 10

Polarr is a powerful photo editing application. Pollar can be used for both basic editing and professional work it won’t dissatisfy both categories of users. Apart from powerful editing tools Polarr also offers more than 100 high-quality filters to quickly retouch your image with the ability to create and save your own filter.

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5. Samsung Flow (If You’re A Samsung User)

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Samsung flow allows users to seamlessly and securely keep your Samsung smartphone connected to your Windows 10 PC. Using Samsung flow you can unlock your PC with your smartphone’s fingerprint sensor. Samsung flow can also be used to transfer data across both the devices and share internet connection via hotspot.

6. Fitbit Coach

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Fitbit Coach is a personalized fitness application which helps you stay motivated and achieve your health and fitness goals. The app provides experts designed quality workout plans with the ability to adjust your feedback, goals, and achievements. The app is free and helps you burn some calories without worrying about going to a gym. Fitbit Coach has smooth animations and videos load up quickly.

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7. Tiny Tiny RSS

Windows 10

Tiny Tiny RSS is a simple and helpful way to stay updated and read your RSS feed. The application requires you to create a tt-RSS server account and enable API in its settings. Tiny Tiny RSS allows you to easily manage your feed and articles with the ability to even share them. You can also read the full article either through the application or through a browser.

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Definitely, make sure to check out these helpful applications and if we missed something or you know some cool apps worth sharing, let us know in the comment section below.

Edited by Atish Rajasekharan


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