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Here Is How To Check Whether Your Data Was Compromised In The Recent Facebook Hack


In September, a group of hackers used a flaw in Facebook’s “view as” feature to gain unauthorized access to millions of accounts. Facebook today, detailed exactly what type of information was accessed during the hack. It included users’ names and contact info, and in many cases, personal details like religion, locations, and more.

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According to today’s statement, Facebook said – the hackers stole access tokens for 30 million accounts, apparently allowing them to gain complete access to the profiles. Of those 30 million, the hackers accessed basic contact information (name and either email or phone number).

Facebook Hack

For 14 million accounts, and additional information including gender, religion, location, device information, and the 15 most recent searches for another 15 million accounts. No information was accessed for the remaining one million accounts.

Did You Get Hacked? Facebook Hack?

Off the data Facebook provided, there is no sign of hackers posting anything on users’ profiles (yet), as far as Facebook currently knows. Coming to the point, did you get hacked? Facebook says that, if your account was accessed you don’t have to do anything to secure it at this point.

Facebook Hack

Mind you, passwords weren’t stolen (so you don’t need to change your password), instead, the hackers took account access “tokens” that let them log in. Facebook reset those tokens last month, which is why you might have found yourself logged out of your account one day in late September.

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According to Guy Rosen, VP of product management, Facebook along with FBI is investigating the issue and will have more concrete details in the coming days. Facebook has been in continues trap of privacy and security issues, so if you’re fed up with constant issues, to safeguard yourself – leave facebook, that’s all you can do.


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